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The reason is that the leaders are much more proficient at helping people than in growing a thriving business


Regardless of how incredibly talented a leader is at practicing their craft, data shows over and over again that over HALF of startup business fail within 5 years.

The leading cause of these failures is business incompetence. Specific areas are:

  • Emotional pricing
  • Lack of financial awareness
  • Going into the business for the wrong reasons
  • Poor marketing message and methods
  • Leader falls in love with the product
  • Leader gets burned out
  • Advice from family and friends
  • Lack of a clear focus and actionable planning

Yes, It's Time To Get Out Of Your Own Way! 

We help you get out of your own way so that your BUSINESS serves you, your team and your clients, longterm... profitably.


Guruville Coaching & Consulting

  • Essential Business Training
  • Strategic Thought Partner
  • Executive & Leadership Coaching
  • Business Strategy Design
  • Integration of Technology w/ Business
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We help those who are in the business of helping others, to learn and apply the BUSINESS knowledge and skills necessary to grow a thriving business.


Guruville Coaching & Consulting

Step 1

Getting UnStuck & Out of Overwhelm

Most of us have this dream of helping others. We get trained in our practice and the people we help get wonderful results Yet we become stuck on the path in turning it into a profitable business.

  • Leadership sets the tone... need to get them out of their own way
  • Reconnect with your vision & crystalize who you want to help
  • Regain energy & vitality needed to implement change

It begins with you... leading yourself and your team down the path. We first get you unstuck, so that you have the resources necessary to effect the change needed to get your business thriving.

Step 2

Discovery & Discernment

Now that you are energized and out of overwhelm, the next step is to dive into what it is, precisely, that is hindering your success. We gather data, using it, rather than opinion, to understand what is happening and make decisions

  • Interview key stakeholders
  • Gather facts/data
  • Develop well-formed inferences from the data

When this phase is completed, you will have an extremely accurate, data-driven understanding of your business. This provides precise list of problems to be solved as well as a sense of their priority.

Step 3

Strategy & Design

The secret to building your business is in determining where you are currently, where you wish to be... and what is preventing you from getting there. Now that you have your targets, we design a strategy to bring your vision to fruition.

  • Determine which key initiatives provide the greatest positive shift
  • Decide upon priority of the initiatives
  • Create actionable strategies for each initiative

One of the biggest problems leaders have is in determining what specifically needs to be done... and which needs to be done first. That is what you will achieve in this phase of our working together.

Step 4

Implementation & Realization

Now it is time to put these strategies into action. There is only so much that can be anticipated. Once we start implementing these changes, we will learn and adjust as we traverse the path.

  • Implement strategies in order of priority
  • Closely monitor Key Performance Indicators
  • Using the data as the guide, adjust the strategies as required.

Whether your first priorities are pricing, marketing, staffing etc., we implement the strategies and use what we learn from the new path to shape our decisions going forward

Guruville Is For You If

  • You Want to Help People
  • You are in the Business of Helping Others
  • Your Business is Running You
  • You are Working 24/7/365
  • You Want to be Profitable
  • You Want to Thrive
  • You Want to Live Your Dream Life

I'm Dan Tresemer

I’m a human dynamics coach and business & technology consultant. I’ve helped scores of leaders get out of their own way, successfully and sustainably growing their businesses so that they expanded their ability to help other people, profitably.

I founded Guruville because I've seen too many amazingly talented people, fail in their business of doing good. And all they need to level up their business skills to that of their craft.

I work with a few, select clients at a time, ensuring that they receive the benefit of my full attention.

The more Leaders & Agents of Change we can help sustainably grow their business... the greater the ripple effect of positive change we can effect throughout the world... together!

  • Certified Master Practitioner of NLP and Hypnotherapy
  • Myers-Briggs Psychological Type Certified Practitioner
  • Spiral Dynamics | Gravesian Levels of Human Existence
  • Certified Technology Consultant
  • Global Business, Sales and Marketing Expertise
  • Digital Content Marketing Rainmaker

Guruville Business Coaching & Consulting

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Regardless of how incredibly talented a leader is at practicing their craft, data shows over and over again that over HALF of startup business fail within 5 years. Be part of the other 50%.

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