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Here Are The Tools You Need To Grow A Successful Business Of Helping Others

People First

People are at the heart of your business, interacting with every aspect. Understanding and congruently leading them is key to health, growth and profitability.

Business Essentials

Understanding and engaging sound business principles and practices are key in your ability to sustainably grow a healthy, thriving, profitable and effective business.

Simplifying Technology

Technology is highly entwined into the fabric of business today. Making the decision on which is best, how to integrate, use and secure it is key to business success.

Marketing Message & Methods

You may have the most life-changing product or service ... but unless you can convey that to your prospective customer in a way that they will receive it, they will never know.

Vision | Mission | Goals

You have a vision for helping others. Yet success comes from turning that vision into a mission, conveyed in a way that your team and customers rally with you in its fulfillment.

Products | Offers | Sales

How your life-changing products and services are crafted, sold and delivered are crucial to their success, especially todays shifting world of physical, virtual and hybrid options.

A sad truth is that most businesses fail

Regardless of how incredibly talented a leader is at practicing their craft, data shows over and over again that over HALF of startup business fail within 4 years. The leading cause of these failures is business incompetence. The areas in need of improvement are:

✔︎  Emotional pricing

✔︎  Lack of financial responsibility and awareness

✔︎  Going into the business for the wrong reasons

✔︎  Lack of market awareness and marketing message and methods

✔︎  Leader falls in love with the product

✔︎  Leader gets worn-out and/or underestimates time requirements

✔︎  Advice from family and friends

✔︎  Lack of a clear focus and actionable planning

The Guruville Global Village was created to help those who are in the business of helping others, to learn and apply the knowledge and skills necessary to grow a thriving business; serving you, your team and your clients, longterm ... profitably.

On-Demand Training 24/7

Level up the area that matters most to the success of your business of doing good.

Click to see new releases or choose from 7 Channels of Content, updated weekly ... each focusing upon a key area of your business. 

Guruville is your connection to the ideas, people, and information you need to grow your business of helping people ... Profitably.

Each Week You Receive New Tools You Need To Grow Your Business


Monthly MindSHIFT

Each month, we start out with a new training to help us shift out of our well-worn grooves of thought, action and perception.

Usually it is in the form of a video training that allows you to work ON rather than merely in your business.

You will learn something new. You will add a new tool to your bag ... and be able to hone its implementation throughout the the month.


Getting Out of Your Own Way

We are our own worst enemy. We constantly, yet unconsciously sabotage our own best efforts.

Throughout the month, you will discover specifically how our members are getting in their own way and discover, implement and analyze new tools and strategies to remove those obstacles, clearing the path ahead for success.


Results and Recap Friday

End each week wrapping up all of the new learnings and looking at the results of your efforts. 

This is an important, yet widely overlooked aspect leadership ... taking the time to look back over your week to see what worked and what did not.

There is no such thing as failure ... as long as you learn from it and and utilize that lesson to implement changes going forward.

Everyday Community Zone

One of the things leaders miss most when we go out on our own is community ... those chance meetings in the hallway or around the water cooler. 

Not only is it an important social aspect to our lives ... a special creative magic is conjured up when peers connect and talk about our victories, our challenges and our lives. 

It's important to have a sounding board. Bounce off new ideas ... ponder new possibilities. Find out how others have approached challenges similar to your own. Peer communities are essential to getting out of your own way by shifting out of our well-worn grooves of thought, action and perception.

You will be a member of a thriving, private community of leaders who, like you ... have made the decision to build a business and earn a living by doing what you love ... HELPING PEOPLE!


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I founded Guruville because the more leaders we can help sustainably grow their business ... the greater the ripple effect of positive change we can effect throughout the world ... together!

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