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Helping People: Business or Hobby?

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You’ve found something that had a dramatic, positive impact upon your life. So much so that you are called to use what you’ve found to help others. What a wonderful dream… earning a living by helping others.

Yet the statics show that most people who take this path in life struggle in the ‘business’ part of the Business of Doing Good.

I was reminded of this just the other night when a friend invited me to speak at a digital nomad networking meetup. I met many wonderful people, all with a passion to help others and live life on their terms. Yet the majority are struggling to create a business around their dream of helping others. If it is not a business… it is a hobby.

There is nothing wrong with having hobbies. The problem occurs when you treat your business like a hobby, all the while expecting it to grow, prosper and be profitable. Two of the recurring themes I heard during that meetup… those that keep people’s passions in the hobby camp rather than a profitable business were:

Undercharging or no charging for services rendered.

This is an all too common situation. Most of the time it is due to the practitioner undervaluing their worth and ability to help people. “If I don’t charge them or under charge them, I can’t be accused of being a fraud and/or profiteer.”

Charging people… not for your services, but for the VALUE you create in their life not only is the key to the viability of your business of doing good, it helps your clients VALUE what you are providing them at a much higher level.  

Believing that “the universe will provide” is better than a well-honed business model.

Of course ‘intention’ is powerful. Of course the universe is there to provide… you also need to do your part.

Very few people I’ve met who are on this journey like doing the business stuff. Few if any want to market and sell their services. They feel awkward when asking for the sale. They would rather be ‘on stage’ rather than at their desk crafting a solid business model, setting up and tweaking their marketing and closing sales opportunities.  

The joy and freedom that were the impetus for beginning this journey of creating a business of doing good can only be realized when you MindSHIFT from hobby to business.